Wylie Puzzles

Adder's Coil
Wylie Wyndows

Welcome to the new improved Wylie Puzzles site. Play two of Wylie's intriguing puzzles on handheld or larger devices:-

    1. Adder's Coil - This new presentation of the popular Wylie number puzzle has more puzzles to play, many new playing features and adapts to your preferred device. See the puzzle 'guide to play' to learn about the new features.

    2. Wylie Wyndows - Combine individual layers - or 'wyndows' - in a three-dimensional overlay to make a target pattern or picture. You will need to rotate, flip and sometimes sequence the wyndows to solve the puzzles. This first release features 100 puzzles of varying levels of difficulty - plenty of happy puzzling here!

The puzzles should work well in fairly recent versions of the major browsers, except that the Wylie Wyndows puzzle may not be fully functional in the native Safari browser on Apple iPhone, iPad etc. If so, download another browser (e.g. Google Chrome) free from the App Store to play Wylie Wyndows on iPhone. Feedback is welcome.

You may need to 'flick' up on handheld screens to hide the browser navigation bar and center the puzzle.