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Looking for a new challenge in puzzles? Look no further.

Wylie Ideas is the publisher of intriguing new number, word and quiz puzzles, all of them created by Wylie - Master Puzzle Maker. With names like Adder’s Coil, In-Hu-Go, Crack-a-Jack, Word Adder, Rhyme-LinX, Clue-LinX, Radiant Numbers, Combo 20-10, Syn-O-Nymble, Quiz-LinX, Num-Maze and Point-to-Point, Wylie puzzles are a fascinating new puzzle experience.

‘Wylie’ is the nom de plume of the company’s founder and director, Ralph Wylie Allan, who has been inventing pencil, computer and physical puzzles, as well as board games, for more than twenty years.

The company formerly published a quarterly magazine, ‘Wylie Wonders - The New Puzzle Challenge’, which was distributed Australia-wide. The magazine featured some of Wylie’s best pencil puzzle designs. Selected Wylie puzzles are now available online via this website. Further enhancements of this website are planned to feature other Wylie puzzles.

The company also supplies puzzles for use by other publishers under agreed arrangements.

Wylie Ideas Pty Ltd - ABN 12 119 239 557

Play Adder’s Coil in The Big Issue Australia.

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Copyright Information

© Copyright 2006-2011 Wylie Ideas Pty Ltd Australia and its licensors. All rights reserved.

The copyright in the content of this website including puzzle and puzzle-related scripts (but excluding features provided by others) and in all Wylie puzzles is owned by Wylie Ideas Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia.

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Contact Wylie

Email: wylie1ralph@gmail.com

Constructive feedback about this site is welcomed - it may help to improve the puzzle experience for all visitors.

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About the puzzles and your browser

The puzzles on this website have been tested and should work well in current or fairly recent versions of the major browsers such as - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome. However, the older the browser (in terms of version number) the less likely that the puzzles will work as designed. For example, the puzzles may not display properly in Internet Explorer 6. Internet Explorer 7 does a reasonable although quirky job. If you are using Internet Explorer, version 8 is the best to use with my site.

While my puzzles work acceptably in recent versions of Internet Explorer, I find that they work more responsively in the other popular browsers mentioned above. These can be downloaded free from the web:-

Key interactive features on this website, in particular the puzzles, rely on a popular web programming language known as Javascript. Most modern browsers come with Javascript enabled. However, if you have disabled Javascript the javascript-powered puzzles (and some other content) will not operate.


The Wylie Blog

News about Wylie puzzles

- Adder's Coil - Enhanced smartphone web version - Since publishing my Adder's Coil App on the Android Market (see previous post), I have enhanced the smartphone web browser version of Adder's Coil. If you want to play the free weekly puzzles on your smartphone, this is the way to go.

The previous smartphone web version was unfortunately a bit clunky. So I decided to upgrade it to look and feel as much like the Android App as possible in a web browser (in other words the App is slicker, but the web browser version works quite well and much better than before).

You can get to the web browser version via the link on the Adder's Coil page or by entering www.wylieideas.com.au/acm.htm.

I hope you enjoy it - Wylie

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- New Adder's Coil App - It has been months since I made my last blog entry. Back in January 2011 in fact - when I told you that I was working on an Adder's Coil App for the Android Market.

Well at long last I have finished it, or rather - them. Because there is not just one but two Apps available - Adder's Coil Free and Adder's Coil (the paid version). It has been a long hard struggle to build these App's but I was determined to get them done. Somewhat later than I hoped, but done, nevertheless.

If you have an Android smartphone with Android 2.1 or later and a big enough screen (not enough space on the small sized screens) or a tablet, you can play Adder's Coil to your heart's content. Unfortunately for you iPhone people there isn't an App for you. Maybe later. Maybe.

While developing the puzzles for the App, I decided to start making the website Adder's Coil puzzles a bit more challenging than they sometimes were. Particularly the medium and hard puzzles. I hope you are enjoying them.

I'm not sure at this stage what my next project will be. Maybe I need a short break. - Wylie

Available in Android Market

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- A new puzzle year - Happy new year to you all - I hope that 2011 will be a great one for you and that you continue to enjoy Wylie puzzles.

Over the past few months, I have been very busy developing an Adder's Coil mobile phone App. This is a bit of a step up from web programming for a self-taught programmer such as myself. Nevertheless, after much research, blind alleys, late nights and head scratching, I'm beginning to think it's a 'happening thing'. As you may or may not know, there are many different mobile phone platforms and it is difficult to target them all at once. So initially, I'm aiming for Google's Android Market with others platforms later perhaps. The App should have lots of puzzles for people to play at their leisure.

My three free weekly Adder's Coil puzzles can already be accessed via web browsers on various makes of mobile smartphones. I'm hoping that one of the spin-offs from my App-development work will be an improved and more user-friendly mobile web version of the puzzle.

I'll let you know when these new goodies are available - Wylie

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- Refinements to Num-Maze PLUS - For the Num-Maze fans out there, I have made a few subtle changes to the javascript program that drives Num-Maze PLUS.

The changes are so subtle that you may not notice them - but they are there. In essence, I have made sure (hopefully) that the puzzle will always end if you have completed it correctly. Occasionally in the past, this did not happen.

Don't forget to try my new puzzle In-Hu-Go.

And remember, you can access Adder's Coil on iPhone through the Safari browser - the URL is www.wylieideas.com.au/acm.htm


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- Play my new puzzle - In-Hu-Go. - Good news! My new puzzle 'In-Hu-Go' is now up and running - and it should work on all the major browsers (including Internet Explorer 7 and later).

In-Hu-Go is quite different from the other puzzles on this site, all of which are number puzzles. In contrast, In-Hu-Go is color based - hardly a number in sight. What's more, you can play In-Hu-Go as many times as you want, as each new puzzle configuration is computer-produced.

Once you get the hang of the rules, you will find that the puzzle is easy to play. Step through the Demo to learn the ropes.

Over time, I may make some enhancements to the puzzle to improve the playing experience.

So In-Hu-Go - and see how you go - Wylie

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- In-Hu-Go color puzzle - It's been some time since I last posted a blog entry, but I've been busy developing a new puzzle called 'In-Hu-Go'.

The good news is I've finished a prototype version that is good enough to go live. I had hoped to get it up this week, but - and this is the bad news - I've discovered at the last moment that it doesn't display well in Internet Explorer, although it works fine in Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome.

So, this week I'll see if I can get around Internet Explorer's quirks. Hopefully I can. But if not, I may put the puzzle up next week anyway for those who have downloaded one of the other more friendly browsers.

Regards - Wylie

- Adder's Coil for Touchphone - The testing and refining is done - Adder's Coil for touchphone is now officially live. Type wylieideas.com.au/acm.htm into your mobile's internet browser and start playing. The puzzle seems to work well on iPhone, but I can't guarantee that it will work on other phones - in fact I don't know. There are just too many brands available. But check it out and see.

You can also play the phone version on your computer. Simply click the link on the Adder's Coil page.

I'm lagging a bit on my promise to provide printable versions of Radiant Numbers and Num-Maze. Trouble is, I've thought of an idea for a new puzzle and I'm spending a lot of my time exploring this. I will come good on my promise - but it may take a bit longer than I had planned.

Cheers - Wylie

- Welcome to my new blog which I have started to help you get the most out of the Wylie Ideas website and to tell you about new puzzle developments in the pipeline. And you can make comments or ask questions via the Google gadget (top right).

Site upgrade - If you are a regular visitor to this website, you would have noticed a number of changes over the past couple of months. Firstly, the site now has a new look and feel with new navigation buttons and some new graphics (Apologies to users of Internet Explorer 7 for some display glitches with the buttons. I only discovered these recently but hopefully they are fixed now. I'll also try to fix some minor display glitches in the Radiant Numbers demo and elsewhere for Internet Explorer 7 users - oh the joys of browser quirks!)

I have also added a new 'Share' button that allows you to connect with the social networking sites of your choice, connect with friends via email or bookmark a page. If you want to share or discuss the Wylie puzzle site with your friends, the Share button is for you.

Another recent addition has been the inclusion of Google ads. Many of the ads Google provides this site link to online and other puzzles and games. If you are 'into' puzzles (which I guess is quite likely), some of these sites may be worth visiting.

New online demos - Working out how to play new puzzles can be a bit of a hurdle. That's why I have included new online 'demos' for Adder's Coil and, more recently, Radiant Numbers. I got a real buzz out of inventing Radiant Numbers a few years back, but there is no doubt that it can be a bit daunting to begin with as it is quite different from other number puzzles.

I hope the new demo will help. Once you get the hang of the rules the puzzle is quite simple to play - if sometimes quite frustrating (if you just can't find where those '#$?&!' numbers go, you can always resort to the Show Clues or Show Errors buttons). At this stage, I'm not planning to include a demo for my Num-Maze puzzle as I am assuming that the PDF rules of play are easy enough to follow.

New 'Save Progress' button - When you play puzzles online, it's good to be able to save progress so you can come back to the puzzle later after an interruption.

So here's the good news. You can now save progress when playing Adder's Coil and retrieve the puzzle later on. Just click the 'Save progress' button under the puzzle and the dialogue box will tell you how to retrieve the puzzle. (Your progress has to be physically stored somewhere of course and I have chosen to store it as a cookie on your computer).

If you have disabled cookies in your browser then I'm sorry but you won't be able to use the Save feature. Note that I have set the Adder's Coil cookies to expire after 14 days, so your browser should automatically delete the cookie (and info on your saved puzzle) after that period - and maybe even sooner.)

At this stage, you can only save progress for Adder's Coil but I plan to extend this feature to the other two puzzles once I see how it goes with Adder's Coil. Of course, you can already resume a partially completed Radiant Numbers puzzle by repeatedly pressing the Show Clues button to get to the level you had previously reached.

Ta ta for now - Wylie

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